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Wednesday, 6 December 2017

10 Tips to Achieve Anything You Want in Life

10 Tips to Achieve Anything You Want in Life

So, here are my 10 best tips for achieving anything you want in life .
1. Focus on commitment, not motivation.
Just how committed are you to your goal? How important is it for you, and what
are you willing to sacrifice in order to achieve it? If you find yourself fully
committed, motivation will follow.
2. Seek knowledge, not results.
If you focus on the excitement of discovery, improving, exploring and
experimenting, your motivation will always be fueled. If you focus only on results,
your motivation will be like weather—it will die the minute you hit a storm. So the
key is to focus on the journey , not the destination. Keep thinking about what you
are learning along the way and what you can improve.
3. Make the journey fun.
It’s an awesome game! The minute you make it serious, there’s a big chance it
will start carrying a heavy emotional weight and you will lose perspective and
become stuck again.
4. Get rid of stagnating thoughts.
Thoughts influence feelings and feelings determine how you view your work. You
have a lot of thoughts in your head, and you always have a choice of which ones
to focus on: the ones that will make you emotionally stuck (fears, doubts) or the
ones that will move you forward (excitement, experimenting, trying new things,
stepping out of your comfort zone).
5. Use your imagination.
Next step after getting rid of negative thoughts is to use your imagination. When
things go well, you are full of positive energy, and when you are experiencing
difficulties, you need to be even more energetic. So rename your situation. If you
keep repeating I hate my work , guess which feelings those words will evoke?
It’s a matter of imagination! You can always find something to learn even from
the worst boss in the world at the most boring job. I have a great exercise for
you: Just for three days, think and say positive things only. See what happens.
6. Stop being nice to yourself.
Motivation means action and action brings results . Sometimes your actions fail
to bring the results you want. So you prefer to be nice to yourself and not put
yourself in a difficult situation. You wait for the perfect timing, for an opportunity,
while you drive yourself into stagnation and sometimes even into depression. Get
out there, challenge yourself, do something that you want to do even if you are
7. Get rid of distractions .
Meaningless things and distractions will always be in your way, especially those
easy, usual things you would rather do instead of focusing on new challenging
and meaningful projects. Learn to focus on what is the most important. Write a
list of time-wasters and hold yourself accountable to not do them.
8. Don’t rely on others.
You should never expect others to do it for you, not even your partner, friend or
boss. They are all busy with their own needs. No one will make you happy or
achieve your goals for you. It’s all on you.
9. Plan.
Know your three steps forward. You do not need more. Fill out your weekly
calendar, noting when you will do what and how. When-what-how is important to
schedule. Review how each day went by what you learned and revise what you
could improve.
10. Protect yourself from burnout.
It’s easy to burn out when you are very motivated. Observe yourself to recognize
any signs of tiredness and take time to rest. Your body and mind rest when you
schedule relaxation and fun time into your weekly calendar. Do diverse tasks,
keep switching between something creative and logical, something physical and
still, working alone and with a team. Switch locations. Meditate, or just take deep
breaths, close your eyes, or focus on one thing for five minutes.

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