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Thursday, 1 March 2018

Drake and the Strange Spectacle of Charity on God's Plan,It was really Amazing!

Drake and the Strange Spectacle of Charity

The rapper’s charming “God’s Plan” video shows him donating a million dollars
around Miami—and earning something for himself.

     Dip into the strangely hypnotic film genre that documents the
Publishers Clearing House delivering jumbo checks to people, and
you begin to notice a pattern. When the “Prize Patrol” first knocks
on a door, the sweepstakes winner might gasp and hesitantly smile
at the cameras and the balloons, recognizing the familiar script
they’ve suddenly been inserted into. But it’s when the money is
actually presented, and the amount of the prize revealed, that the
crying begins. As a viewer, you feel happy for the winner. You feel
gratitude for the Clearing House. And you start wondering what
that jumbo check could do for you.

Drake’s new video for “God’s Plan,” the No. 1 song in the country,
bottles and elevates that Publishers Clearing House feeling. In it, the
Toronto superstar distributes his million-dollar production budget
to people around Miami—by telling all the shoppers in a Sabor
Tropical Supermarket that everything on the shelves are free, by
presenting a scholarship check to an unsuspecting student, by
giving gift cards to women at a shelter, and more. The double-takes
are the best parts. In one moment, Drake sidles up to a family
who’s sitting on a ledge. One of the kids notices the rapper sitting
next to her, and shrieks. Drake smiles and hands the family a wad
of cash. Star-struck thrill melts into a more tender emotion. The
family members cover their eyes, and they hug.

Posted By: Marvellous Ifeanyichukwu

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