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Friday, 6 April 2018

Another Nigerian teenager stabbed to death in London

Another  Nigerian teenager stabbed to death in London

18-year old boy stabbed on Wednesday, in Hackney, London, has been
identified as Israel Ogunsola, the son of a Nigerian.
   Ogunsola’s death is coming 10 days after Abraham Badru, son of Enitan Badru,
a member of the House of Representatives, was shot dead in the UK.

    At least six Nigerians have been killed in London attacks in 2018 alone.
Ogunsola, already injured, was said to have approached some officers in Link
Street shortly before 8 pm.

Paramedics and staff from the London air ambulance attempted to save his
life but he was pronounced dead at the scene less than 30 minutes later.

    Dele Ogunsola, the victim’s father, who spoke to Evening Standard demanded
that the “bloodshed must stop”.

He said his son was just cycling to meet friends when the incident occurred.
He described the computer programming student as “academically brilliant”.
     Dele said his family has been living in London since 1985.
His words: “My son was a well brought up boy, who respected everyone and
was liked by all and sundry.
     “He was thoughtful and joyous and had lots of friends. He went out on his
bicycle and never came back. He was on his own as far as I know, maybe it
was a robbery, and the police have not told me.

“We are struggling to come to terms with what has happened. He has an older
brother and sister; he was the baby of the house. We are all heartbroken.
“The bloodshed must stop. London’s streets are so dangerous. Young people
are being slaughtered every day. If it means bringing back more stop and
search, then so be it. We have to tackle this problem and the government
needs to do more.”

Ogunsola is said to be the 21st person below 25 years old, to die from a knife
or gun crime in London this year.
Two boys, aged 17, have been arrested in relation to his death.

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