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Saturday, 23 June 2018

How To Develop A Retentive Memory As A Student

How To Develop Retentive Memory As A Student

We some times experience difficulties in retaining information in our brain,so this topic is all about giving you the tips on how to retain informations properly.
   Memory is a partner in developing all other mental skills.The key to learning is the brain's ability to convert a current experience into code and store it,the experience can be recalled for your benefit.
   Memory therefore, is a process of retaining, storing and recalling experiences and information back again when needed,it is also the storage and retrieval of information from past experience. Below 're ways of developing retentive memory :
  • Proper organization of information.
  • Understanding, if you understand information it is easier for you to remember it when needed.
  • Proper retrieval cues. 
  • Deep processing of what I learned: Read once for understanding, twice to process the information, processing it in a manner so as to link it up with information already stored in the memory, information processed in the rehearsal buffer may be passed along to the long term memory and the one not processed is lost or forgotten.

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