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Friday, 22 June 2018

How To Manage Your Time,If You Are A Student,I Think it is Important!.


Time is the limited period during which an action, process or condition exists or takes place. It is the measure  of duration, it regulate the rate of movement to a point of differentiation at any given interval; meanwhile, the word management in this context simply means ,the ability to make judicious use of a thing.

So what is Time Management? 

It is therefore, the ability to make judicious use of your time in a productive way.

What happens to any body wasting his/her time?

  • Well,anybody wasting his time is actually  wasting his life,because of the reasons below..
  • The seconds we spend  each day is what makes up minutes (60 seconds=1 minute)
  • 60 minutes makes up an hour (60 minutes= 1 hour)
  • Hours make up a day  (24 hours=1 day)
  • Days make up a week (7 days=1 week)
  • Weeks make up a month (4 weeks =1 month)
  • Months make up a year (12 months= 1year)
  • Years make up our life span, i don't know how old you are now but I want you to understand as years goes by,we draw more closely to our graves; therefore time management is important.
Research gathers that efficient management of  time and study procedure is also a significant factor in the formula for academic success. It implies maximum learning from the least time and effort expended, it also requires organizing your time into effective study patterns that work for you, planning a study  schedule and sticking   to it,as well as avoiding procrastination. Student procrastinate because of poor time management, procrastination means not managing your time wisely. To overcome procrastination, you must identify your academic goals,strength, weaknesses, values and priorities, so that you are reminded of them daily so as to improve your aacademia skills.

How not to Procrastinate;

Discipline yourself to use your time wisely, set priorities and make a schedule of those priorities  and how to accomplish them
Study in small pattern,instead of long time periods, for example, taking a long reading assignment and break it up into several smaller  units.
Motivate yourself to study,dwell on success, not on failure.
Try to study in small groups so that others keep you motivated. 
Make sure your study area is neat to avoid day dreaming. 

Tips For Better Time Management 

Have a time table and follow it consistently and persistently. 
Always concentrate on one thing at a time.
Be aware of your best time of the day,when do you study best? Day light? Night time? Schedule study time during your best study hours each day.
Use a regular study area, train your body so that you can focus attention more quickly, use this area only to study. Such as library or study lounge, which has a good lighting ,low noise and no distractions.
Study where you will be alert,do not study where you can easily sleep and avoid chairs and sofa that can be converted into bed.

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