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Friday, 15 June 2018

The Greatest Mistake that Ended with "If I Had Known".


                       MY GREATEST MISTAKE

   As I sat on the sofa in the sitting room,tears began to drop from my eyes.This has continued five years after Chioma's death.More tears would always drop from my eyes each time I remember that I could have saved my daughter from dying if I had been a liitel bit more careful."Oh God,please forgive me,and please bring back Chioma,my loving daughter, Lord please,I promise it will not happen again.Oh Chioma,why? Why did you do it?".As I remembered  all these,I could not help but cry aloud ,especially as i knew that if I had been a bit more strict with her or paid her more attention,she would not have died.

   I got married to Lisa about nineteen years ago.She was so nice,loving and beautiful that I believed no other woman in life could make me happy in life.Our wedding ceremony was wonderful.People,friends and relatives did everything possible to make sure the wedding was fantastic.Until date many people  still it was the best wedding they had ever attended.After our wedding and honeymoon in South Africa,we both resumed work at our different places of work.Lisa was a public relations manager of a manufacturing industry while I worked as a Computer scientist.We were always very happy together. 

   Two months after our wedding,she fell sick and was admitted in the hospital. Later,the doctor confirmed that she was pregnant.Lisa and I were very happy and I still remember how we argued about the sex of the child.Lisa wanted a female child while I wanted a make child.I made it a duty to buy a make dress for our coming baby everyday.In fact,she virtually became my pet,I was happy that what I wanted in life was what I was getting through Lisa.However six months after she became pregnant,a policeman walked into our living room one day and told me that my wife had been involved  in an accident  and that she died instantly.My whole world was shattered! ,no wife,no more joy and my comfort was gone forever.My whole world was totally  changed.

    About three months after Lisa's death,I adopted  a baby girl  (because that was what she wished for) and what a beauty she was! She became the envy of the town as she grew up revealing her intelligence and beauty. She was popularly called Chioma by everybody and I made up my mind to give her everything a child would need in life.She began school and was always on top of the class after every examination. I continued to watch her as she progressed in her education. When she was promoted to S.S.S 3,she suddenly changed.She began to bring home  different sorts of friends,some of whom looked like thugs.I had wanted to stop her immediately it all began but my mother asked me to let the young girl enjoy herself. Her behaviour became worse when she began to attend parties and kept late nights.Sometimes,she might even stay the whole night without coming home until the next day.I observed all these but I felt that by the time she became old enough, I would talk to her and probably change her.

   On a wonderful Saturday  when I came back from shopping,I received a telephone call from a hospital informing me that Chioma had been admitted in the hospital. I ran straight to the hospital and saw my beautiful Chioma crying on a sick bed. When I met the doctor,he told me that Chioma's case was very critical because a quack doctor had attempted to abort her pregnancy. The operation of the quack doctor damaged her womb severely and her womb had also been seriously infected. About an hour after I got to the hospital, Chioma was wheeled into the theatre for a major operation. My mother and I remained in the reception. I couldn't help blaming myself because I did not corrected Chioma when she was going wrong. I felt that she was still young  and would one day grow up to learn.Now,it looked like it was too late. I became anxious when the doctor came out of the theatre. He explained that Chioma had suffered loss of too much blood and that I was too late to save her life.Chioma had died shortly before he came out. I Shouted and cried as I watched my life tumbling down a second time. This time,I knew it was my fault,I did not warn Chioma when she needed fatherly advice and care. I did not do what I was supposed to do at the right time,now I had shattered my whole life myself. Oh! If I had Known. 

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