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Wednesday, 27 June 2018

This Famous Rapper Tried To Get A Blind Woman’s Seeing Eye Dog Out Of The Plane

Seeing Eye Dog is a guide dog trained to lead blind people.
One of the Famous rapper Ty Dollar $ign was in Canada over the weekend performing at the Escapade Music Festival in Ottawa. He travelled to the city from Montreal on a connecting flight from Air Canada.

While Canadians know that Air Canada can be an irritating inconvenience sometimes, it seems like the rapper, whose full name is Tyrone William Griffin Jr, was having some unique difficulties.
Griffin was trying to get a blind woman out of her seat, saying that he was allergic to her dog.

Reports gathers that,The rapper and some other person who accompanied him,went up to the woman who was sitting behind him with her seeing-eye dog. He tried to get her removed
from the plane before take off.

The owner of the Seeing Eye Dog was said to have offered allergic dog pills to Griffin.which he refused   since he had to perform at the festival that night. Staff on the plane asked if Griffin had gone through the medical desk at the airport, as they are able to assist with allergies.

Because Griffin did not go through medical requirements and the other woman had, she was ultimately allowed to stay. Air Canada did their part also, offering the rapper a seat in the back
of the plane if he was uncomfortable at all during the flight.
Seeing Eye Dogs are really important to those suffering from blindness to go about there daily lives

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