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Thursday, 12 July 2018

A Doctor Has Advised Ladies To Stop Wearing G-String For Extended Period Of Time , As It May Cause Urinary Tract Infections.

An advise gotten from a Nigerian Doctor days that ladies should mind the type of underwears they put on has taken to his tweet to advise ladies on the type of underwears to be using, he further advised them not to wear an underwear called G-string pants for a  long period as it can cause urinary tract infections.

According to him,he tweeted below :
"As much as you can, Wear only white cotton underwear. Avoid wearing nylon,or other manmade fibers.
Because cotton is one of the best absorbents you can find. Nylon panties and other manmade fibres trap heat and create a very good environment for bacteria to thrive.
Also, avoid wearing G-strings for extended periods of time. The bury deep into your vulva and interfere with the natural cleansing of your vagina. The nature of the fabric if its not cotton can also make it easy for you to get Urinary tract infections. (Your piss go dey hot)"

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