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Monday, 16 July 2018

A Lady Gives Advice To People She Refers As "Good Girls",And Some People Don't Seem To Like It.

A lady has volunteered to give advice to people she referred as "good girls" and this has stirred up a frenzy on Twitter.
According to the lady, with the handle, @audds_x, she said "Don’t let any female friend be the middleman in your relationship issues", stating that no matter how much trust you have for your female friends, never introduce them to your man,because “these girls you think love you will help instigate your man to leave you.” Meanwhile she insisted that this advice was only meant for "good girls".

She didn't give the advice tentatively,she said it with all certainty and added that she’s talking out of experience ,but most Twitter users pointed out that this isn’t always true and it stirred up a frenzy on Twitter and  between her and her followers.
According to her,


NEVER EVER introduce your man to your other FEMALE FRIENDS no matter the level of closeness you feel like you’ve achieved with her, no matter the trust!
Set your boundaries that your man is a no go zone. Because my dears theses girls
are wild!!
Note that this advice is not for every girl, just the good ones who think it’s nasty to take her friend’s man. Please!!! Biko!!! Ejo!!! Dan allah!!! Don’t ever think for a second that it is a good idea to do so
Don’t let any female friend be the middleman in your relationship issues. I don’t know for men but so far I know majority of men are mature. But these girls you think love you, will help instigate your man to leave you I’m talking out of my own experience! Even if she is like a sister to you, no try
am! Even sisters are heartless. Keep your relationship to yourself. Let God rule it for you. You have a problem? Talk to God. STOP TALKING TO YOUR FEMALE FRIENDS FOR RELATIONSHIP COMFORT AND ADVICE
Note that I said “YOUR MAN” not some boyfriend you’re not sure of.

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