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Thursday, 5 July 2018

A lady got kidnapped in Benin but was rejected by the Ritualist

It was almost the end of her life,she narrowly espcaped death.  A lady got kidnapped in Benin but was rejected by the Ritualist,she was later abandoned on the roadside. According to a social media user who tweeted via Tweeter,"the  lady experienced another lady butchered in her presence but when it got to her turn she was rejected and dumped by the roadside naked.
See tweet below:
This woman left her house on friday, entered a bus in Benin and saw herself in a forest for ritual purpose at upper Ekhehuan. She survived by God’s grace but no investigation was carried out even when the location of the ritual activities is known @PoliceNG_PCRRU @PoliceNG #NYSC
Herself and another lady boarded the bus together. Unfortunately, she witnessed the death of that one where are neck was slaughtered under a basin like a ram. The next day, two other persons followed suit.
When it got to her turn, she was rejected by the “oga” telling them to let her go. She was previously tied with a white cloth and later thrown out of the forest to a nearby farm where the white clothe was taken away from her and left her Stack naked.
Passers by felt she was insane and walked pass her even why she struggled for help. As God would have it, an old woman who came to farm saw her and clothed her. There After, called a family member and that is how she was rescued.
The matter was reported to the divisional police station at Evbuotubu in Benin city and the IPO said they should bring the lady for statement when she recovers! Can you beat that?
The environment where this incident occurred is known to the survivor and it is only proper for @PoliceNG to raid that vicinity and get those ritualists.
This happened at the early hours of the day! It was not even night “waka” I hope we all don’t go into extinction someday in this country!!!!

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