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Thursday, 12 July 2018

Here Is All You Need To Know About The OAP's Controversial Statement That Prompted A Fresh Beef Between Tiwa Savage And Yemi Alade.

You might have heard about what is recently trending in the Nigerian music industry, precisely the debate on "who is better than" and about "women supporting each other".Also being discussed is how to be neutral as a broadcaster while on air because "RADIO IS NOT ABOUT YOUR PERSONAL FEELINGS",and  as well as respecting other opinions.
We wanted to confirm all what is going around,so what exactly prompted this? Nigerian female singer,Yemi Alade was on air as a guest on Hot FM's show "Koffee Gang",whose hosts were Misi and Uche Agbai,the singer, Yemi, talked about her music,Nigeria's challenges,touring the world etc.
Reaching the end of the interview, Yemi Alade was asked about her feelings about the comparison in the music industry, and at first, one of the host Uche Agbai, didn't want call names, but Yemi Alade insisted,asking him to feel free.
Well,he later mentioned two female Nigerian musicians, Tiwa Savage and Seyi Shay, that was where fellow host,Misi,cut in saying.
“No, I don’t think so. I really do not think so at all. I don’t think they have the range she does. Personally speaking, I’ve heard Tiwa in public… and she shouts. I’m not hating, I’m just stating the facts”.

The "Johnny Crooner " Yemi Alade, went further to talk about comparisons where she said she motivates herself to be better instead of  comparing herself with others . She then proceeded to quote an individual who said “there’s actually no number one” and everyone is competing to become number one. Meanwhile this statement was made  before she stated that she loves the healthy competition that has been initiated in the Nigerian music industry.
“The truth is, there’s no number one,” she said, adding that because the top 5 artists in Nigeria can shut down the same capacity venues. The famous musician, Yemi Alade, went on to say what Wizkid and Davido are capable of doing,she can also do same.She said she also shuts down the same venues Wizkid and Davido shuts down in Africa.

“That’s the truth but not everybody will agree with it. Why don’t we just go ask the promoters, the people who know the numbers?”
Well, some people feels Yemi Alade's achievements are been underrated underrated,  others feel she should not compare herself with Wizkid and Davido.

Meanwhile , Misi’s statement was criticized by another OAP ,Dotun of Cool FM,he took to the social media,precisely his Twitter page to state his opinion.
Dotun said:
"Now I saw the Tiwa story and this is my take on a few OAPs. It is okay to have an opinion but you shouldn’t cos of the ethics but if you must, stop pulling off a “Chalarmagne” on things you know nothing about or things that are clearly not true.The will to be popular amongst a few OAPS cracks me up. It is not by being controversial or daring. I am all of these but be objective while u are at it.
The HOT FM lady was desperately a** kissing & it is the trend these days. Ask the right questions, be daring but be objective Radio has been watered down & mostly by employers who would
meet one young girl or guy that can blow phonetic like us forgetting they need to go through the REAL exercise of BROADCASTING. 
A few of these OAPS forget the word ETHICS. They just want to talk fromtheir a** .As for Yemi, the real reason why women in Nigeria can not boast of the huge numbers in music is cos you don’t support each other. So, all these advocacy of “support our ladies” is a hoax cos you ladies are actually the problem. The guys already love you, so what is the problem?
The need to be controversial when u don’t have the rudiments & when u don’t have the facts to back a claim is the new style of broadcasting nowadays. “I must trend” syndrome & it is so funny. Ask the right questions, let the artiste shoot themselves. Just ask the
right questions Enjoy Radio for what it is worth. @ TaymiB & I are overly the most controversial on radio but there is a RULE. The rule is say what u know, what is fact, what is objective, what is ethical. As an OAP, u shouldnt have absolute POWER. It is a microphone meant for the people not YOU.
The tweets made by Dotun's,drew the attention  of Sensei Uche, who shared a link to the full interview with Dotun. 
Dotun went on to say:
Sensei I have seen the full interview and have you read what I wrote properly? Let us not turn this to a bant. You were professional and that is okay. We both know what this is about. She was out of line and she can be but not on a watery fact she might have called an opinion
The conversation continued :
Uche: You’re my guy, and I’m hoping you’re not basing your conclusion on a 10 second clip
Dotun: Bro this is not you are my guy matter. I pointed out a blunder & I am talking generally except you are one of the OAPS I am talking about cos you are not. We know our problems. Let us fix it
Uche: I don’t have time for unnecessary bants Dotun, you know that. My colleague gave her opinion based on what she experienced first hand! And she wasn’t trying to bring Tiwa down in anyway. There are things the whole country wasn’t privy too before we came on air.
Dotun: and what is the whole country privy to? Please I want to know. Sensei stop this cos you are actually sounding a bit out of line.
Her reference was not on her opinion on what she saw first hand. She stated it as a FACT and that is very unethical. Watch ur own interview again
Uche: She didn’t state it as fact, she said Tiwa shouts. And then went ahead to talk about her she recently watched her perform at an event. It was her opinion!!!! I didn’t say anything because in my
opinion Tiwa doesn’t shout.
Dotun: “Tiwa Shouts” in that context is stated as a fact. If she said “Tiwa shouted at one of her shows” then it is based on an experience and Sensei they are better ways render that. An opinion doesn’t make it a fact! … she was very unprofessional
Uche: And I see no blunder. Because you think it was, doesn’t make it one.
Dotun: Why would you. Sensei calm down my gee. Una blood too dey hot. no be by all these to blow. You all don’t have the formula. Tell her to use your same method. She is over shooting her shot
Uche: We can’t all like the same thing or people. I know people that don’t like Yemi for anything. And that’s their opinion! I don’t tell then that they’re wrong for having an opinion, I just allow them be!
Dotun: Sensei, you are an OAP, don’t concern yourself with who likes this or that. Opinions as a broadcaster is not exactly your place. Read your code of conduct. Stay as neutral as possible & if you must have it, be careful how you state it. RADIO IS NOT ABOUT YOUR PERSONAL FEELINGS
Uche later preceded to say:
So respect her opinion! No matter how much you don’t like it. Don’t call the ethics code into this. It doesn’t come into play here. Phew!!! ION… How family and business? We neva catch up since I come back
With which Dotun replied: We have caught up so many times. I don see you plenty times and we don hail well well .. you are still missing the point. This is not about what I like, whether you like it or not we all HAVE a code of conduct. Every profession have rules. U can’t replace that with an opinion.

Now you know, so what is your opinion,comment below...... 

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