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Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Lil Pump – Fasho Fasho Ft Offset [Lyrics]

[Intro: Lil Pump]

CB on the beat mad, huh?
[?], you got some drank?
Lil' bit
Ouu, Lil Pump
Chyeah, huh?

[Chorus: Lil Pump]

All of them runnin' fasho', fasho'
Gimme' some pack fasho', fasho'
Butterfly McLaren wearing butterfly doors
Glock 17, and the drum hit the folks
I live in the drip fasho' (woo)
Wake up, I pour up a four, ooh (chyeah)
I just give your daughter some coke, huh
Cause it's just the way that it go, ooh
Calling them hoes fasho', fasho'
[?] fasho', fasho'
Don't pay for pussy fasho', fasho'
I live in the drip fasho' (drip)
Wake up, I pour up a four (yeah)
I give your daughter some coke (brr)
That's just the way that it go (it do)

[Verse 1: Offset]

Hey, hey
Sippin' on mud, the diamonds gushin', luxury
Bust down all of my cousins
Test me, we shoot out your granny
Baguettes, they wet, they slippery
[?] they get from me
Keep dippin' me, ohh

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