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Friday, 3 August 2018

Meet Robert Kathata, A Man With 19 Wives, He Reveals The Shocking Reason Why His Wives Can't Cheat On Him. [See Picture]

Robert Ramu Kathata,a Kenyan man has revealed the reason  why his 19 wives are not tempted to cheat on him.
Kathata, who is also  a traditional healer gave his revelations about his wives of not having intentions and can never cheat on him due to fear of being stuck while having sexual intercourse with another man. Read his statement;
“None of my wives can cheat on me because they will definitely get stuck during sex. Further, I use some form of miti shamba to ensure my sex poweris tops,” reports SDE.
The polygamist, who recently married his 19th wife hails from Kiengu in
Igembe Central part of Kenya said his plan is to marry 40 wives before he dies and to ensure unity, he disclosed that all his wives are from different parts of the country – Meru, Kitui, Embu, Muranga, Isiolo and Nyeri.
He continued by saying;
“To prove that you are wealthy, you must have many wives and children to match the status. I have close to 400 acres of land. In Igembe, I have 50 acres of miraa farms, a dairy f,arm and banana plantations. I only inherited 10 acres from my father, all the property I own is a result of my hard work,”.

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