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Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Faisal – Somewhere in Kudenda (freestyle) Lyrics

[Intro – Man’s voice speaking]

sounds have soul, build them from scratch, find new ones get
ur head out that laptop and start listening to what the f-cking
world is tryna tell you. That’s your problem, you don’t listen

[Verse 1]

I pick up my paper
I write with my pen
Straight from the heart
Goes from da mic ooo
Out through your speakers
Tell me what’s true
Up through your ears
Maybe just feelings


Bright lights city’s lights
Where we dey go to
Give me attention huh yea yea
I feel it coming
First, am on redial
but put me on fast lane
Then we sayyyy


The sound burst my head ooo
Like paranparrrrrara aye yea
The sound Burst my headi yea
Like paranparrrrrrara ooh yea yea

[Verse 2]

It waves through your ears
All up to your brain cells
It controls your mind
Or your feelings
Your moving your feet ooo
Bumping you head
Who go dey save us
from this m.u.s.i.c
Give us the beat


Bright lights city lights
Just give us attention
I feel it coming
Who go dey save us
M.u.s.i.c Fini give
Us da beat oooo
Wetin be dis oooo


It bumps through your head ooo
Like paranparrarara it goes through your head oooo like

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