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Monday, 15 October 2018

50 Cent Came Out Victorious, Wins Court Case Against HipHopDX In Defamation Suit

In recent months,50 Cent has been battling in court with HipHopDX.'Both of them settled portion of their lawful show when 50 acknowledged a $20K installment after he sued them for using his photo without authorization'.
As indicated by The Blast,50 Cent won successfully, the rapper came out with victory, so as for now,50 Cent and HipHopDX have settled the defamation part of the case. DX’s parent company, Cheri Media, rejected their suit against the rapper.

At first,50 Cent  sue 'HipHopDX' for using his photo which aroused the site to countersue on criticism claims. According to the company,50 Cent destroyed their big name by designating them “fake news” after they formulated  an article questioning that he actually landed a $1M deal with Bellator for “ Get The Strap” which at last was confirmed to be true in late September. The rapper signed a partnership and licensing deal which incorporates garments with 50’s motto across it.
Amid the fight in court, 50 Cent said that the site was debilitating his right to speak freely and called the suit “an affront to the fundamental protections to free speech by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.”
He included that the slander case will “open a floodgate of defamation suits by news organizations against the very subjects of their news reports for simply criticizing or refuting the reports as ‘fake news.’”

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