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Sunday, 14 October 2018

You’re Training Your Son To Be A Rapist If You Breastfeed Him – Lady Says

Social media users seems vexed up as a lady identified as Alia Abeed has caused  controversy on Twitter after she posted that women are simply helping their sons to be a potential rapist by feeding them with their bosom.
The lady who believes when a woman Bosom feeds her sons, the are being taught to understand how to explore the body of a woman and this might affect their thoughts on women later in their life. She wrote:
If you Bosom feed your sons, you are training them to be rapists when they grow up. You’re basically teaching them that they can touch a woman’s body whenever they want. If you oppose rape, stop Bosom feeding boys!
As stated earlier, it's a controversial post that caught the attention of Twitter users,see some screenshot of comments below:

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