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Thursday, 1 November 2018

18-year-old House Maid Allegedly Stole Goods Worth N500 From Her Boss

Report reaching us declares a young lady wanted by the Lagos state police command, the search of the 18-year-old house maid whose name is, Queen,  was declared for allegedly fleeing with the property owned by her boss, Omowunmi Odejide.
The property is  worth "N500,000". Odejide said her house maid  disappeared with her goods she recently parked from the store when she decided to attend a party on October 19th which was initially not her intention to attend , but was encouraged or convinced to attend by her house maid,Queen.
The lady said her maid couldn't have carried those items herself, the maid must have been helped to carry out that crime as she stated some suspects.
On Friday, October 19, I went out for a birthday party of one of my friends who turned 40. I did not want to go because I was not in a good mood, but Queen encouraged me to; I did not know that she had something up her sleeve. I left home around 12.48pm for Agege where the party held. I came back home around 8pm and met my neighbours and my children in the compound. I asked of my housemaid and one of my neighbours said she went to buy something. Before the incident, I had a boutique that I run but due to some issues, I could not continue with it again; so I packed my goods home. When I entered the house on the day of the incident, I noticed that one box containing my goods and my children’s clothes were missing.

This lady is someone I took in like my daughter because she told me that she lost her mother at a tender age; she looked innocent. I don’t lock the rooms when I go out. She went away with the stew I prepared, Rolex wristwatches, expensive sunshade that I sell and the one I used, female and male jeans, long towels, three male wristwatch and 10 female wristwatch, pendants- all worth N500,000.
The spokesperson of the state police command (CSP), Chike Oti, showed reaction to this incident by saying the suspects are  on trail and will soon be apprehended.  He advised residents of the state to carry detailed background checks on any maid they wish to employ in their homes.

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