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Friday, 16 November 2018

Can Tiwa Savage Still Make A Good Home Again? - Here's What You Need To Know

We can acknowledge the fact that once somebody becomes a celebrity the things he/she commonly do becomes difficult,in other words,the usual becomes unusual. Why did i say so? It is not easy to maintain the actual life you lived when you were not a celebrity.

     I believe we all have dreams of helping some certain people when you make it big ,but most times after acquiring what you needed,you no longer have time for the people you wished to help. When one becomes a celebrity, most times you find out that the public (fans) owns you. You will have to do things to impress your fans,so you could keep the relationship. And in the process of doing this,the family sometimes gets affected.
    Tiwa Savage and Tee Billz are both celebrities,  that means they are both responsible for having a broken home. But thay can still make things right again. We can also acknowledge that to stay as one of the biggest artists and to also remain commercial we have to be controversial sometimes. But not at the detriment of your family.
    Just as how the life of famous musician, 2baba ,turned out to be!  (Note,we are not trying to compare but just to give an analogy). Many people thought he would not have a good home since he has lots of kids from different babymamas,and was even nicknamed father of many nations as at then.
But look at him today,he is living happily with his wife and kids. One of his babymamas and wife reconciled recently after years of beefing, you can CLICK HERE to read more about that. So Tiwa's case is not impossible to fix. Tiwa Savage and Tee Billz can still make things work again.  If they could understand themselves.
Can she still  make a good home again? Obviously she can, It is not impossible for that to happen, even the word itself says "I'mPossible". Mama Jam Jam can still have a good home, if she can be successful in her career, then she can still build a good home. Well if you have any view contrary to this you can express it in the comment box.

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